LADA Sport LUKOIL gained maximum points from the start of the season

June 30 at the seventh stage of the World Championship in Portugal Touring WTCC team LADA Sport LUKOIL won the maximum number of points from the beginning of the season 2013 — James Thompson finished sixth in the two races of the stage, earning him 16 points in the drivers’ standings. After seven stages of the championship from James — 29 points. 

In the team competition LADA Sport LUKOIL has earned 83 points, ahead of this point, Honda, which the Portuguese brought the race 57 points.

Michael Kozlowski in two races finished in 19th position, being able to force the fight opponents and made several overtaking. The Russian pilot was forced to start from the end of the peloton, as it does not participate in qualifying because of damage to the machine in Saturday’s practice.

James Thompson: "Of course, I am very pleased with the week-end, which in terms of points earned was the best for us this season. Stages in Russia, where we had a fifth place, and in Portugal, where we finished in sixth position in the two races, demonstrate that we have already been surpassed by their own problems this season. At the beginning of the season our main aim was to get into a stable top-10, today we are confident in their ability to be as close to the top 5. This stage was not easy — urban trail, very hot weather — conditions similar to the extreme. In the second race was a serious struggle with rivals throughout the race. As for the track itself, it is suitable for our car. Of course, I would say so about every track on the calendar — we work hard to ensure the car LADA Granta was even faster and feel confident in any race track. "

Michael Kozlowski: "Starting from the last position in the race for city roads, it is always difficult to achieve good results. At the same time, I was able to compete with rivals and make overtaking. In the first race had a small problem with the brakes before the second race we changed on the car shock absorbers, brake pads and other items. The car was much better braking and generally behave on the road — it was clear from the lap time. The track is not easy — especially difficult for me to become the first and second turns, it was very difficult to accelerate the output of them. It should be noted that the configuration of the Circuito da Boavista very interesting and not very typical for urban routes. Typically, urban trails are straight from the chicane, but here there are different types of turns — with a negative profile, high-speed. The race here requires maximum concentration, as hot weather adds stress to pilots. I hope Argentina can show much better results "

The team leader Viktor Shapovalov: "Very positive weekend for us. But it should be noted that in the league this level, the stronger you get, the more difficult — very high level of leaders, it puts a certain level. But we are ready for more hard work! Of course, these optimistic results increase our ambitions — we are going to fight for the podium this season, and are confident that the excellent team work will bear fruit. "

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