LADA with a hybrid engine seen in the SEC AvtoVAZ

According to a source from Togliatti Independent Largus club,
Hybrid drives are inside the building of the Scientific and Technical Center of AvtoVAZ.

On what exactly is being drafted to create a hybrid car, the source did not specify. But judging by saying "it is quite crude, it has to adjust and regulate", we can assume that before the sample is far from finished.

Pictured EL LADA — photo

The hybrid propulsion system combines an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The use of electric drive allows you to save fuel consumption and, consequently, reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the environment.

Recall that in May 2012 the Ministry of Industry announced a competition for works in the field of innovation, the priority for the state. One lot has taken "AvtoVAZ", which is now required in 2014 to give the agency a car with a combined power plant — a "hybrid".

As previously reported, hybrid passenger car class «B», under the terms of the contract, should be shown in the Ministry of Industry in 2014. Sum contract for the development of such a vehicle — 499 million rubles.

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