LADA with the level of localization of 62%

Localization LADA Largus, whose production at AvtoVAZ started in early April, to date, accounting for 62% of the General Purpose Vehicle. A year later, when the assembly of engines for that model will be organized at AvtoVAZ, localization rate to reach the final mark of 72%. This is the director of the project on the B0 AvtoVAZ Mikhail Ryabov during a test drive LADA Largus, organized for the media at the site in Sosnivka.

All stamped parts, similar to the Renault Logan, will be supplied by the same supplier AvtoVAZ, which now delivers them to "Avtoframos" — "Alfa Automotive Technologies". Original stamped parts will be produced in Togliatti.

Subsequently, the suppliers that are common to AvtoVAZ and Renault, will supply the parts not only for LADA Largus, but to the other cars that will be produced in Russia B0 platform (including the brands of companies Alliance).

New car LADA Largus will be available in mid-July. The first batch of cars for sale the complete set of "luxury." The top version in the seven-seater version will cost 459,000 rubles. 

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