LADA XRAY brought in Togliatti

On Thursday, September 20, the design director Steve Mattin AvtoVAZ presented a concept car LADA XRAY employees and residents of Togliatti.

The world premiere took place on the three-door crossover concept at the end of August this year at the Moscow International Motor Show. On AvtoVAZ emphasize that the appearance of XRAY — this is the stage of a new design strategy that will give the brand LADA own original, bright and confident image.

«LADA XRAY — not just a concept car. This is — a look inside, "radiograph" processes and changes that occur in AvtoVAZ. LADA XRAY «radiates" the idea of a new style of car. The concept car LADA XRAY shows AvtoVAZ plans to develop lineup of cars LADA — including segments of SUVs, crossovers and SUV — they are developing most rapidly, "- said in a release giant dedicated novelty.

False radiator grille clear contours, which together with the prescribed tilted headlights forms accurately read the Latin letter "X" — this is the basis of brand image visualization LADA. Branded logo acquired three-dimensional shape and increased in size, it is set on its own, "pedestal" and has become a key element of the false radiator grille.

The very same grill is made of black glossy plastic and visual representation of the character "X" emphasize the insertion of polished aluminum, which is bordered by a crosshair with external parties. They reinforce the impression that the "X" consists of two halves, and how would extend the "face" of the car, reinforcing the impression of his confidence on the road.

We focused on the front panel driver multilayer structure formed by stacking multiple elements, each of which is laid a separate functional sense and proper color solution.

In a complex three-dimensional shape of the instrument panel is dominated by a speedometer — it’s in the center of the combination and set aside its own illuminated translucent "flare" at the "bottom" of which — the very scale. Left and right of the speedometer located tachometer, fuel gauge and screens, which graphically displays additional information for the driver. The instrument panel is contained entirely in the case of black "glossy" plastic, and in the same enclosure and driver integrated ventilation vents.

"In all of the projects that will be produced in 2015, we will see this topic. Until that time, we need to fine-tune the plant and equipment for the new production. That is why the new model will take more than two years, "- said the chief designer of AvtoVAZ Steve Martin. 

Recall journalists who visited the Moscow Motor Show, recognized LADA XRAY best concept car. Soon, the prototype will be transferred to the Museum of AvtoVAZ

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