Ladoga joined paliey, Goose Lake and it’s good — perch

October 24 was produced in the production of fingerlings palia Lake Ladoga. Salmon population increased by 25,800 units.

Release of Federal made of Breeding Centre for Fish, located in the village of Ropsha Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. Here was grown and juveniles. Age produced fish — yearlings, the average weight of 59 grams.

This is not the first stocking in 2012: in the spring of Ladoga was issued 4,000 shares of yearlings.

Also on October 19 was carried issue 20,000 shares perch fingerlings into Lake Quill and Priozersky Otradnoe district, and on October 30 will release fingerling whitefish in Lake Ladoga.

Payment of these works on artificial reproduction of fish populations is produced by means of compensation allocated by business entities for harm to aquatic biological resources of our region.


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