Ladybugs arrived from Canada

In the Company "Krasotinskoe" Berezovsky District, engaged beef cattle, breeding cattle imported from Canada. Total — 108 goals, among them — 80 neletey and 2 bull breed "Aberdeen Angus", 25 heifers and one bull breed "Hereford".

According to experts, breeding stock was imported from Canada, has good genetic characteristics. Animal breeds Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford gain weight quickly and even when crossed with other breeds are transmitted to offspring good "meat" of the quality. They also tolerate Ural climate, may be contained in the open air, even in the most extreme cold. 

In general, the support of livestock breeding in the Kama region in the budget for 2013 is planned to more than 93 million, 28.7 million rubles allocated from the budget of the Russian Federation. Subsidies are provided for the maintenance of farms pedigree breeding of farm animals, the maintenance and the purchase of breeding bulls, the acquisition of embryos. Agribusinesses can get subsidies for the purchase of pedigree cattle and semen sires. Until August 15, the organization aims AIC 45.2 million rubles from the regional budget and 14.3 of the federal budget, of which 7.6 million received Ltd. "Krasotinskoe."

The development of specialized beef cattle in the Perm region is a priority. In terms of Agricultural Development Programme edge to the 2020 planned significant increase in the number of cattle meat breeds and crossbred cattle — from 5.8 thousand to 36.9 thousand heads

"At a time when the industry needs to develop a multiple of, the priorities for the economy — increasing population and development of breeding potential. Emphasis is made on beef cattle and in the federal state program of agricultural development. In meat cattle breeding, as in any other industry, there are certain parameters of profitability. If the activity is carried out in the format of the farm, the livestock must be at least 200 animals, if it is a major investment project, then, at least, 1000, "- said Acting Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Perm region, Ivan vegetable garden.

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