LAES-2 has a new cooling tower

At Pine Forest under construction in Leningrad Oblast Leningrad NPP-2 completed the construction of the second tower of the first power.  150-meter-long hollow reinforced concrete structures is part of the cooling unit, providing reliable and safe operation of the nuclear power plant.

In the cooling tower process water is cooled by the air emitted vapor is not harmful to the environment.

The first and second power units of NPP-2 are constructed in accordance with the schedule. In 2012, work was carried out at 101%. During the construction of the first unit was utilized 13.5 billion rubles, the second — 6.5 billion rubles.

This year will be invested in the construction of the first nuclear power plant 25 billion rubles.

The first unit of Leningrad NPP-2 will be launched in 2016. With the increasing capacity, the new station will replace the Leningrad nuclear power, operating since 1973.

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