Laid 4 boats rescue ensure the project 23040 for the Russian Navy

Today, the "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" (Bor) laid four boats comprehensive rescue ensure the project 23040 for the Russian Navy.

The boat project 23040 is a further development of a series of 10 diving boats A160 project, built of "KIT" in 2010-2012 for FSI "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia."

Compared with its predecessors, the boat has large dimensions, higher power-and ice class, which will allow him to work confidently in the outer harbor and beyond with the removal of the shelter locations up to 50 miles.

The boat is designed for diving at depths of up to 60 meters at sea up to 3 points, and the search-finding full-time work with small-size unmanned remotely operated underwater vehicle and a towed sonar, fire fighting on ships, boats and floating and shore facilities, and for pumping water and power supply and delivery of emergency on the ship.


Displacement: 118 tons

Main dimensions: length — 28 m, width — 5.56 m, draft — 1.5 m

Maximum speed: 13.7 unit

Range: 200 miles

Run time: 5 days

Crew: 3 people + 5 divers

In accordance with the signed in March 2013 a contract of "KIT" for 3 years to build for the Russian Navy series of 16 boats 23040 project, including 4 for the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla for 3 and 9 for the Baltic Fleet.

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