Laid the first mile w / d Kyzyl-Kuragino

On the construction of railway Kyzyl-Kuragino in the Republic of Tyva experts SMU-3 and control mechanization NGO "Mostovik" laid the first kilometer of the main road to the Kyzyl-Freight Station.

"Today, builders backfilled about two kilometers roadbed in the amount of more than 300,000 cubic meters of earth and laid 1,000 meters of rail grid of the main railway line, — said Head of the Engineering Training Department" Bosporus "NGOs" Mostovik "Vladimir Romanov. — Seal of the first section of the railway is under formation yard "Kyzyl-Cargo", the total length of which will be about 3 miles away. "

Construction of the road Kyzyl-Kuragino associated primarily with the development of mineral resources of the Republic of Tuva, the station "Kyzyl-Truck" will be the ultimate focal point of the entire rail line.

The main purpose of the marshalling yard — the distribution of freight flows, the formation of coal and freight trains. To carry out these works will be built special ways and means of pushing, parks receiving and sorting of outbound cargo.

"Work on the construction of roadbed under the railroad include a set of measures — said the deputy head of the SMU-3 NGO" Mostovik "Alexander Goncharenko. — Therefore, at the site involved the order of 25 units of various special equipment, from excavators to rollers and sprinkling machines intended to maintain the body of the mound optimum moisture content. "

Construction of the main line also implies the creation of the entire railway infrastructure: railway camp, the unit of automation systems, telemetry, communications, electricity, construction of engineering systems and communications.

NGO "Mostovik" on the rights of the general contractor performs design and construction of complex 255-kilometer stretch of railway Kyzyl-Kuragino, which will link Elegest huge coal deposit, as well as a subject of the Federation — Republic of Tyva with the Russian railway network.

Note also that in the media recently reported that the customer railway construction Yenisei Industrial Company, the new owners inherited from Sergei Pugachev, experiencing significant financial difficulty and debt-burdened. State Party to the said project on public-private partnership, regularly pay its obligations.

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