Laid the first stone of the Eastern petrochemical plant in Nakhodka

Vladimir Putin "laid" the first stone of the Eastern petrochemical plant in Nakhodka, a ceremony was held via videoconference. Construction of the plant will be carried out within the framework of the agreement, which was signed by President of OAO "NK" Rosneft "Igor Sechin and Primorsky Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky, RIA PrimaMedia in the press service of the regional administration

As part of the 2012 APEC Summit President of OAO "NK" Rosneft "Igor Sechin and Primorsky Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky signed an agreement aimed at cooperation in the field of oil and gas, petroleum products supply and energy.

As part of this agreement will be a strategic project of "NK" Rosneft "- the construction of the Eastern Petrochemical Company. Participation in laying the first stone of the Eastern petrochemical plant in the Find a video received by President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Introducing the draft, the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin said that the "products will be supplied to the Asia-Pacific region and will provide consumers the Far East." End of construction works and the output mode for the main and auxiliary facilities — the first quarter of 2017.

Also in the video head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin to the president asking for help in connecting the East petrochemical plant to the main oil pipeline, according to RIA Novosti.

"Help your needs, one of the key issues that I would like to ask you, is to connect the plant to the main pipeline" — Sechin said at the ceremony of laying the first stone of the plant.

The project is a petrochemical plant near the city of Nakhodka involves production of polymers (polyethylene and polypropylene), benzene, olefins and other petrochemical products. I turn the power of the project will amount to 3.4 million tons of crude oil a year.

The production will consist of five major technological objects. The main one — installation of pyrolysis up to 1.4 million tons per year of ethylene and more than 600,000 tons propylene. This will be the most powerful cracker in the world of liquid raw materials.

The plant near Nakhodka will be applied pyrolysis furnace last, the seventh generation. Modern furnace provides a higher yield of ethylene and propylene, and thus consumes less power. The technology chosen has a record on the short start-up and trouble-free long working cycles, which greatly reduces the impact on the atmosphere.

Also in the complex will be the installation of pyrolysis to obtain butadiene capacity of 190 thousand tons per year. For the process of production of monoethylene glycol JSC "VNHK" has chosen a technology that allows you to minimize the production of by-products, as well as to reduce the consumption of energy and water.

The installation of linear alpha-olefins has been selected technology for the production of butene-1 and hexene-1.

Technology polymerization plant will receive products in granular form, which will facilitate its transportation to end customers.

When selecting licensors VNHK main criteria were — the creation of the most advanced in the world petrochemical production through the application of new technologies, and reducing development pressure on the environment and ensuring the highest possible level of industrial safety of future production.

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