Lake Vostok

Many of you probably saw the story as we know about the transfer of relict lake in Antarctica. There is a hypothesis that we found a preserved condition of the Earth 14 million years ago. In particular B.Kivi writes in his book:

Among the great lakes just east of the planet to this day remains completely beyond the reach of man. Moreover the fact of its existence has been established recently. The lake is under chetyrehkilometrovoy layer of ice in one of the most remote areas of the coast of Antarctica. It so happened that it was on this lake, without knowing it, in 1957, members of the Soviet polar expedition staged station «Vostok». On behalf of the station and the lake was named in 1970, when he was discovered in the course of radar surveys from aircraft. The following years of research and seismic measurements showed that Lake Vostok has huge dimensions. Its area is about 20 thousand square kilometers, ie about as Lake Ontario, but it is much more in depth.

This frost lake, thick ice it is completely cut off from direct contact with the sun, the winds and the life on the surface, and, according to some estimates, the lake is isolated, about 14 million years old. As the results of the thermal scanning the surface temperature of the water in the lake is very high — about 10 to 18 degrees Celsius, which is a clear indication of the underground heat source. In addition, over the surface of the water is high, in the hundreds of meters of dome-shaped ceiling, filled with some air.

In 1994, our glaciologists drilled three quarters of the way to the lake, exploring the 400-thousand-year history of the planet’s climate, recorded in the layers of the growing ice. Samples extracted Russian scientists are very close to the «dome», show the presence of microbes (including previously unknown Science), various nutrients and gases, including methane. In other words, found all the typical signs of biological processes and now may take place in a completely isolated ecosystem. That is a unique «capsule from the past», revealing that scientists can solve many difficult unresolved problems in the history of our planet.

On the other hand space scientists see here is the best place on Earth where you can try out the probes have been developed for drilling ice sheet on Mars, Europe, and in any other place unexplored solar system.
Therefore, since 1996, there was talk about going into the lake robot probe that will make the analysis of water, micro-organisms and will look back to the surface sediment samples. Research Center of NASA JPL received special grants to develop kriobota and unique «sterile» drilling technology, so that by the end of 1998, several dozen scientists and engineers working on the project in the United States, as the term immersion in the East charted in 2002, and the recovery samples assigned to 2003.


And further B.Kivi notice some interesting sequence


News (in reverse chronological order)

March 5, 2003. Road construction began on the South Pole.

The American team of engineers began construction of the most complex ever created road — route length of 1,600 kilometers, which will link base «McMurdo», located on the coast of Antarctica, and the base, «Amundsen-Scott» at the South Pole.

4 March, 2003. Russia abandons Ice Station Vostok.

Due to the lack of fuel and food to Russia for the first time in 1957 leaving his base, «East» during the Antarctic winter tough.

30 May, 2002. Three nations to share Vostok ice core.

Scientists Russia, USA and France finally agreed to divide equally ice samples recovered in 1998 near the surface of Lake Vostok.


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