Lamps with solar batteries appeared on the playgrounds in Moscow


In January, Moscow launched a project to equip playgrounds solar panels. Lamps powered by solar panels were installed on the initiative of the prefect of the Eastern District of Nikolai Lomakin. While the cost of this coverage is more expensive, but the prefect said that the project is associated with economies of communication, as to implement it is not necessary to pull the cable, search through the streets, making a complex project and obtain permission to connecting power. In addition, this type of energy is most safe, which is especially important for children’s playgrounds.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has agreed to the project, provided that the lights will work all year round. Leading specialist of the Russian Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Yevgeny Gachot, assessing the prospects of the project, gave an example of such an experiment in the Olympic Village, where the entrances are covered in this way already for 3 years. He noted that while the alternative lighting system costs 3-4 times more expensive than the standard, but this difference is significantly reduced in areas where there is the need to run power grids. 


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