Landfills TSB began a large-scale field output Corps of Engineers


More than 500 military engineering units of the Eastern Military District embarked on a combat training missions on 3 training complex in Buryatia, Sakhalin and Amur regions, as part of training sessions. 


Personnel of the engineering units TSB for three weeks to work out a wide range of issues, the engineering mechanized infantry, armored and artillery units. The soldiers Corps of Engineers TSBs will spend engineering training places crossing water obstacles on the county landfill. Military divers will conduct a survey of the river bottom in traffic areas of heavy equipment.

As part of the field out military engineers will conduct training on the clearance areas and facilities, the installation of artificial obstacles, breaching in the rubble with heavy engineering equipment, training and pathways of maneuver forces, the organization of water supply in the field.

Fees are conducted under the supervision of the chief engineer troops combined arms associations TSB and will last until mid-August of this year.


And some more positive news:
Grenadiers motorized joints TSB conducted live firing…vo-proveli-boevye-strelby 


In the Eastern Military District is a nightly training flights of Army Aviation.…rmejskoj-aviaczii-video  


 One hundred percent of the conscripts who have served in the Amur region, have returned home.…priamure-vernulis-domoj  


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