Landslide in China eight people buried alive

August 5, 2013. This morning, a landslide in a central Chinese province of Shanxi landslide buried under a five houses — two regular and three houses, located directly in the rocks on the slopes. Since it happened early in the morning — about 3:00 local time — in the homes were family. As a result, eight people were killed.

Rescuers arrived at the village Step, where the accident happened very quickly. But from the rubble and debris rescuers had to get the already lifeless bodies — in spite of all the efforts, the doctors do not cmogli to revive any of those who were under the rubble.

Rescue work in the village Step been fully completed in about 09:30. The cause of the landslide is currently installing a consequence. Perhaps the landslide was triggered by heavy rains, which are virtually ceased in the region since the middle of last month.

Source: News Gismeteo

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