Lantern-power plant: Russia interested in the development of General Electric

General Electric Co. said energy-efficient lamp with a special prize, which not only runs on solar and wind energy, but also gives the excess energy into the grid.

The search for alternative energy sources has now become a kind of "gold fever". Therefore, projects that can be saved and power generation, attracted the attention of experts and investors.

General Electric Co. said the development of the Russian special prize "Energy Efficient Light" IS001 "at the award ceremony to the best young innovators Russia. The ceremony took place at the Second All-Russian Business Forum on "Youth and the innovation economy of tomorrow."Omsk inventors decided to make a "two in one" — their light running and solar-powered and wind energy. And besides that excess light energy can give to the city grid. Power lamp light is 120 watts of solar power panels — 180 watts, and the power of the wind turbine — 500 watts.
The know-how of the project lies in the fact that in addition to alternative energy sources, wind, solar, Omsk lantern can also accumulate and give energy.

Award General Electric — is not the only award which was awarded the project Zahara Zakharyan. Lantern has received a grant for the I place in the competition "UMNIK" held in November 2011, the diploma of the Association of Small Business Development, Diploma of I degree IV All-Russian Conference "Young Russia: advanced technologies — industry, "and other awards.


And another important point: Russia this year for the first time entered the study conducted by GE on the development of innovative environment GLOBAL INNOVATION BAROMETER-2012. The study shows that our country has demonstrated a high level of public support for innovation, particularly celebrated optimism in relation to innovation among young entrepreneurs. The study involved 2,800 managers, all respondents are directly involved in the innovation process within their company, served as vice president and president, 30 percent of respondents — senior executives. On the Russian side in the study took 200 executives. Participants GLOBAL INNOVATION BAROMETER-2012 were representatives of 22 countries.

Author: Julia Smirnova

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