Large lot rinks RASKAT sent to Cuba

October 11, 2012 Company "NAMEKS" sent to Cuba 14 ground rollers "RASKAT" series DM-85. In total, the Cuban side of the contract gained 29 cars. The second batch consisting of 15 rolls "RASKAT", will be sent to Cuba in mid-November. The contract for the supply of equipment was signed in October 2011

Vibratory roller "RASKAT" DU-85 is designed to seal the pre-planned bulk soils and upper bases of various building materials. This model is one of the most popular in the line of road-building equipment Rybinsk plant "RASKAT." To date, this is the only plant in the territory of Russia and CIS manufacturer of a full range of sealing technology.All 29 cars have been adapted for use in hot climates: treated with a lacquer coating, rubber, rubber products are manufactured to maintain performance at high temperature and high humidity, operator’s cabin is equipped with air conditioning.

Rink DU-85 has a number of features: speed drive on both axes provides better climbing ability, design with articulated steering provides excellent maneuverability and facilitates the availability of steering turn. Rink is equipped with Russian components in the hydraulic drive system, reliable engine JAMZ, positively proven in operation and maintenance, as well as a comfortable cabin with improved ergonomics of the control panel. The cabin is also equipped with ROPS — Rollover Protective machine.

"RASKAT" DU-85 is easy to operate and easy to maintain, so he is in demand not only in Russian but also foreign customers.

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