Large-scale exercises of Russian troops have begun on the Kuril Islands

Military Eastern Military District conduct large-scale exercises in the interspecific Kuril Islands, told reporters on Tuesday, head of the press service of the district lieutenant colonel Alexander Gordeev.

The exercise involved machine-gun and artillery units, the forces of fighter, attack and army aviation, ships of the Pacific Fleet, as well as the personnel of the border guards stationed in the island region.

"Teaching is planned nature, in the course of it will work out a variety of training and combat tasks and operational input. In particular, during one of the stages will be carried out search and rescue operation to assist in distress in the territorial waters of Russia to the vessel, "- said Gordeev.

Kuril issue is one of the most acute in the relations of Russia and Japan. Recently, general secretary of the new cabinet of Japan said the need to resolve the dispute with the islands of the Kuril Islands and to conclude a peace treaty with Russia. In this case, for maturities of islands and other issues Japan is ready to show flexibility.

He was commenting on the statement by former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who offered to give Iturup within the Russian Federation, while Shikotan, Kunashir and Habomai depart for Japan. This version differs markedly from the official position of the Japanese government on the return of all four islands at once.

The new cabinet will submit Mori as a special envoy to Russia in February of this year to prepare the visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Moscow.

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