Laser Navigation System for Air Force began producing in Moscow

Center for the production and maintenance of laser navigation systems for a new generation of combat aircraft opened Ramenskoye in the Moscow-based Russian-French joint venture "PC Alliance", said Wednesday the corporation "Russian Technologies".

"Up to 2020" PC Alliance "plans to occupy 70-75% of the market navigation systems for combat aircraft of Russian origin. The annual turnover of the joint venture will be 25-30 million, "- said the press service of the corporation, received by the "Interfax".

It is noted that this level of cooperation between Russian and French companies in the defense sector achieved for the first time. The result of this collaboration is the development of modern navigation systems for military aircraft. The software was developed by a Russian company, power sensors — the French.

According to the newspaper VIEW, heads Rosoboronexport, "Inertial Technology" Technokomplex "and Sagem (group Safran)deal establish a joint venture in the field of inertial navigation systems for military aircraft "PC Alliance" on the MAKS-2011.

The main objective of the joint venture — production developed by experts Sagem and ZAO "Inertial Technology" Technokomplex "new navigation system" LINS-100 RS "fifth generation, which will provide a variety of military aircraft precision navigation. Stand-alone inertial navigation system "LINS-100 RS" will use high-precision digital laser gyro last generation.

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