Laser system from Dubna presented at the Hannover Fair



Company VNITEP (VNITEP — Advanced Laser Cutting Technology) from Dubna — the Russian leader in the design and manufacture of technological systems for laser cutting of metal, a subsidiary which is a resident of a special economic zone "Dubna", took part in the 22th International Exhibition of technologies for processing of sheet metal EuroBLECH, held in Hannover (Germany) from 23 to 27 October 2012. Its innovative equipment, systems, tools and materials are represented by about 1,400 exhibitors from 40 countries.

VNITEP unveiled its latest patented solution — a set of "Navigator KS5VD" with two independently operating cutting heads. Performance of such machines is doubled compared with conventional machines. Each cutting head can cut out a layout on a common or separate sheet, the sheet can be a different metal, and of varying thickness, and the cutting is done via two separate laser sources. 


The company’s products at the Hannover Fair VNITEP represented by a team of experts led by CEO Alexei Korukovym. Says the technical adviser of Irina Mashtakova: 

— Our stand and submitted its equipment were interested not only competitors and potential buyers. Here come many Russian nationals from other countries of the former Soviet Union, which happened to be at the show, or come specifically, or just been living in Germany. They said they were excited to see how Russia is represented — not that that is not worse, and even better than many! By the way, in the Russian exhibition was unexpectedly much, although previously scheduled meetings with compatriots have been no more than a dozen. On the whole, visitors to our stand was always very much. He was visited by the heads of all the leading firms in our subjects, as competitors and suppliers. Head of the company A. Korukovu not had to rest for a minute, there was always someone somewhere is busy or invited. Its energy can only envy! In the end, we met his old customers have been able to interest new, and they saw one with those who are already negotiating to buy the machine. I note that in our booth, in addition to employees VNITEP have been our partners in France, with whom we already have two years of a joint project, as well as friends, partners, helpers from Estonia and Germany. 



Among the Russian participants, in addition to the company VNITEP were also commercial and service center of the city of Vyborg (Leningrad region), OJSC "Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works" and the company "CBP", Moscow. However, the company from Dubna at the Hannover Fair is the only Russian manufacturer of industrial equipment with its own stand.

Special attention was paid to the EuroBLECH 2012 energy-saving technologies, cleaner production and economical use of materials. VNITEP with its high-performance and cost-cutting of metal complexes with fiber lasers fit into the ideology of the exhibition could not be better.  

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