Laser technology from Obninsk to help automotive manufacturers and avtokomponetov

Since the beginning of March this year on the basis of NP "Kaluga Laser Innovation and Technology Center" functions shared center. The main goal of the center — providing access to small innovative companies and research teams Kaluga region to expensive laser and measuring equipment.
Services provided by the center:
1. Technological services in the field of laser technology (cutting, welding) on the orders of the enterprises of the Kaluga region, sample preparation and experimental batches of products;
2. Consulting Services in the development and application of laser technology, equipment selection and supply companies; demonstration of the capabilities of laser technology, assistance in establishing contact with the developers of laser technologies, including with other laser centers, and participation in regional and federal programs, etc.
3. Educational services in the field of training in laser technology for mechanical engineering and metal working, laser safety management in Hi-Tech: training to work on laser systems and equipment.

Already functioning Park Kaluga laser machines laser innovation and technology center, which includes

  1. laser gantry unit of German company Anold-Ravensburg-based 5 kW th CO2laser company Rofin, designed for cutting and welding of large blanks, stampings, tubes and profiles of different metals and alloys,
    • laser installation by German company Jenoptik based on 600 W th CO2-Rofin Laser Company and the robotic arm of the company Staeubli, designed for cutting plastic parts, cast in extrusion plants, molded, etc.,
      • laser installation by German company Jenoptik on the basis of 140-watt-second laser diode and the robotic arm of the company Staeubli, designed for welding sheet metal and molded parts made of various plastics,


        was supplemented by JSC "Agency of innovative development — the center of the cluster development of the Kaluga region", placed at the center of collective use the following equipment:

        1. Mobile laser system of the Russian firm LazerBulat for surfacing and reconstruction work. With this setting the opportunity to restore the mold and dies, and the compactness of the installation allows for recovery directly to the customer site.

        2. Mobile Laser Marker Russian company ATEC — this laser is designed for labeling of products from a variety of materials — steel, anodized aluminum, plastic, hard alloys, brass with speeds from 150 to 1500 mm / s. Installation allows you to label the product in the production of large-size the customer with the possibility of applying the variable data (bar codes, the current date / time).


        On the basis of KLITTS-CCU also operates materials science and profilometric laboratory with the following settings:

        1. Mobile three-dimensional confocal microscope «? Surf mobile» NanoFocus firm to measure the surface. Optical three-dimensional measurement system «? Surf mobile» was developed specifically for the measurement of large objects such as trees and body. Installation is based on a reliable confocal technology? Surf and so can be used in a complex environment (production facilities). This compact unit weighs 5.5 pounds and fits in a suitcase. Upon delivery to the place of deployment time of a few minutes. With the «? Surf mobile» can measure the quality of the surface, such as surface roughness analysis, the analysis of three-dimensional structures and the definition of the geometry of the surface according to the standards DIN EN ISO. Processing Structures and volume parameters automatically. The results of the analysis are transferred in freely definable measurement protocol (any format). Thus can be studied and analyzed, for example, quality of surface texture or geometry cells printing roller. Technology «? Surf mobile» has already been successfully used in many corporations. Among them are well-known firms automotive, printing, paper, medical, microelectronics and other industries. This technology is also used by many research institutes.

        2. Metallographic Lab Express:
         Zeiss stereo microscope with stand and universal incident light illuminator with ring illuminator.
         Low-speed precision cutting machine
         Single-disc grinding and polishing machine
         Programmable automatic metallographic press.
         Hardness Testers

         3. Kaluga LITC also has a waterjet installation — it is used to process and prepare the surface for further processing or for finishing the finished part (removal of scale, rust, paint, etc., layer by layer removal of coatings, reducing roughness, matting, cleaning parts after casting ) with the possibility of surface passivation.


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