Latches, locks, valves, cranes, flame arrestors and more

CJSC "TyazhPromKomplekt" is the leading integrated supplier of industrial valves.

The company now has more than 10 years working the largest manufacturers of valves in Russia and supplies: steel gate marks: 30s41nzh, 30s46nzh, 30s64nzh, 30s99nzh, 30s96nzh, 30s95nzh, 30s15nzh, 30s95nzh, 30s76nzh, 31s18nzh, 31s16nzh, 30s45nzh, FHS, weathering, PCL, SG, ZMSH, cast iron valves brands: 30ch6br, 30ch25br, 31ch7bk, 30ch15br, MTR 30ch39r (MSV), shut-off valves (valves) brands: 15B1P, 15b3r, 15s22nzh, 15c52nzh, 15kch9p, HRC, 15ch8p, 15kch18P, 15kch34p, KPLV, ball valves brands: 11b27p, 11ch37pf, 11s67p, CABG 11s9p, KSHTVG, MA, 11s41p, FB, Zard, KPLV, 11tn41p, BALOMAKS, PT, 11ls68p, 11s45p, KS, check valves brands: 19ch21Bp, 19s53nzh, 16s10nzh, 19ch19r, KVANT, VA 16kch3p, 16kch9p, FB, 19s11nzh, PT, and more.


tel / fax: (8443) 39-36-22

Address: 404111, g.Volzhsky, st. Sovetskaya, 13, office 2.6



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