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Latvian political scientist Ejnars Graudins, said in an interview with the TV program "The issue with prejudice" on the channel PRO100TV, that no minister in Latvia can not be assigned without the approval of the U.S. ambassador.

Graudins said: "The majority of post-Soviet republics, from the same Georgia and, of course, all three Baltic states, politically," tied "to the State Department of the United States of America. That is, determine the foreign policy of the United States of these states. But these countries are economically" tied " or the post-Soviet space, CIS, or, as the Baltic states, on the European Union.


Produced a paradoxical situation when foreign policy seems to be independent of one determines a country that is far away across the ocean, and the economy is determined entirely different countries at different continent. This is absurd, because, it turns out, the national government does not define any economy or politics. In practice, it is as follows. The fact that the Georgian government at the time Saakashvili salary paid U.S. — it’s a proven fact. It is recognized by the Americans themselves — it was a statement of U.S. congressmen that we, say, paying the political leadership of Georgia. The fact that the specific case of Latvia, so I can responsibly assure you that we each government personnel coordinated with the U.S. ambassador. And I know certain people who did not become ministers in our government, because the U.S. Ambassador to Latvia said he did not want to see that person in the Cabinet of Ministers. I will not mention specific names — this applies to third parties, and they can get some damage in his future political career. These people are still working in politics, but they are well aware that the ministers will never be. It is including the people of the coalition parties. There was a variant that is associated with one person, which was the ruling party — but there was one caveat, did not like it then-Ambassador of the United States. This nuance, so to speak, has been linked with the problem of anti-Semitism … "

According to the analyst, "Our country does not need them at all. In the world economy and geopolitics, it is not even a zero percent … but we are the external border of the European Union, NATO, Schengen area — and is bordered on all three aspects of the Russian Federation. In the United States, since the plan "Dropshot" remains a strategic goal — to destroy the Soviet Union first, and now Russia, which owns vast territory and natural resources, and has good pay, and the trade balance. They do not have anything to anybody. United States, calling themselves the carrier of world democracy — and I call them the world’s policeman — they, for World War II, were intended to divide this country and destroy it. As at the time said the wise man Alfred P. Rubiks: Territory of Latvia to the United States, this is the best unsinkable aircraft carrier against Russia. For example, we have built an ideal airfield in Lielvarde capable of taking any military aircraft — what do you think, why? From Lielvarde fly to Moscow and St. Petersburg — in fact, a few minutes. We have since Soviet times there was a strong naval base in Bolderāja — there are also all restored. This military base could take submarines with nuclear weapons on board. Do you think Audrina locator to put bird-watching? He works in the direction of Moscow, not Ventspils. Let’s be realistic, this is the military component. And there is no need to place a huge garrisons have enough strategic assets that can be activated at any moment. "

According Graudins, "in the big game, described Brzezinski,
there is a range of issues between the United States, the United Kingdom, China and the Russian Federation — mostly related to oil, energy and so on is not always advantageous for the U.S. to start direct "rude" Russia. For this there is Latvia, where the team: now we need a little bit to bark. We barks. Then tell us all until enough. This is a factor of constant irritation. You can draw a parallel. With what was due to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in August 2008? Do you think that in Georgia itself, there was no desire to fight, to beat the rockets at civilian areas in Tskhinvali, in spite of all the problems with Saakashvili’s psyche? Of course not. As a former officer, I say — to test the combat capability of the army of a State always need a local conflict, or war. So what to do? Americans give guarantees Saakashvili: give you a little bit to shoot, and we’ll give you a guarantee, in case anything happens. They needed to see how Russia responds to such a military-political challenge in the Caucasus region. They gave assurance Saakashvili hit residential neighborhoods in Tskhinvali, according to Russian peacekeepers violating any international rules. There were sacrifices, Russia responded with dignity, albeit belatedly. The Americans saw this and gave the team Saakashvili all, stop. However, Georgia inflicted a humiliating defeat, and Saakashvili, in fact, was "thrown" by the Americans — as they always do to those who had worked on them. Let us remember Mubarak, Hussein, etc. If a person suddenly becomes a state or they do not have a geopolitical game, it is simply thrown away like a used condom. This is standard, the U.S. has no other policy. But they can afford it, because they have the strongest army, the largest military budget, and they all define NATO. "

Note that Ejnars Graudins graduated from Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Finance at the Andrei Khruleva. Ten years he served in the Soviet Army, and later in Latvia — in Ministry of Defence LR. He is currently working as an economist, a political scientist.

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