Launch of The rumble from Plesetsk

Booster easy class "rumble" with three civilian and one military satellite was successfully launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region, told reporters on Saturday, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry troops Aerospace Defense (VVKO) Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin. This is the first year and a half start "Rokot": previous booster "rumble" was launched in February last year with a military satellite "Geo-IK-2" on the board.

At the estimated time it is not available on the phone. Specialists were able to establish that it is in an orbit close to the calculated one. Missile launches "rumble" suspended until the reasons contingency.

"On Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 05.35 MSK from the launch pad No. 3 site number 133 state test Plesetsk VVKO crews under the direction of chief of the cosmodrome, Major-General Alexander Golovko successful, the launch of a space rocket easy class" rumble "with the spacecraft ( KA) for military purposes, the two spacecraft communication "messenger-M" and Research of "Jubilee 2" — Zolotukhin said.

According to him, all the pre-launch operations and the start of the launch vehicle took place in normal mode, ground facilities VVKO responsible for supervising the startup and flight "Rokot". "At 05.38 minutes booster" Roar "is taken to support ground-based testing of the Main Space Center after Titov," — said the representative of the Defense Ministry. Zolotukhin said that the estimated time to launch satellites into the target orbit — 07.21 MSK. Booster easy class "rumble" was created as part of the conversion program on the basis of a release from service of an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-18 (NATO classification — "Stiletto").

The manufacturer "Rokot" — State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev. The rocket consists of a block of accelerators in the transport and launch container comprising first and second stages, and the ascent unit consisting of upper stage "Breeze-KM", fairing, the transitional system, the intermediate compartment and the payload bay. The first launch of "Rokot" took place from the Plesetsk cosmodrome May 16, 2000. According to the Defense Ministry, all from the Baikonur was conducted sixteen launches the rocket.

Satellite system "messenger" is created in low orbits to provide personal communication services in remote regions of the country. Currently working on a special-purpose one spacecraft "Messenger-M." It provides transmission of electronic messages on behalf of government agencies. Today in delivery time ranges from one to two minutes to six hours. "The world" — the first spacecraft to ISS Academician Reshetnev, which will make pictures of Earth from space. 

"Beginning from today, July 28, at 05.35 MSK from Plesetsk State Test booster" rumble "in the time successfully placed into the target orbit spacecraft (SC) military satellites, two communication" messenger-M "and Research SC "Jubilee 2" — Zolotukhin said. According to him, the launch rocket "Roar" and the removal of spacecraft went into orbit in normal mode at 07.21 MSK spacecraft "Messenger-M", "Jubilee 2" and spacecraft military series "Cosmos" displayed on the calculated orbit. "After the launch into orbit spacecraft military assigned a serial number" Kosmos-2481 "- said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

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