Launch rocket Soyuz-2.1a with a cluster of six spacecraft Globalstar-2

28 December at 21.09 MSK from Launch Complex 31, site Baikonur starting calculations of rocket-space industry of Russia produced launch Vehicle (ILV) "Soyuz-2.1a" with the upper stage (RB) "Frigate" designed to the orbit of the cluster of the six low-orbit spacecraft (SC) — repeaters "Globalstar-2".


After a staff office of the head of the third stage of the launch vehicle upper stage "Fregat" continued removal of spacecraft into the desired orbit.

December 29, in accordance with cyclogram launch spacecraft cleanly separated from the upper stage and handed over control to the customer.

SC "Globalstar-2" developed by «Thales Alenia Space» by request of the corporation "Globalstar» (Globalstar), specializes in providing a wide range of users of high-quality global personal mobile communications through a network of low-orbiting relay satellites.

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