Launched a cloud service AIKid Speereo Speech Recognition

The Russian company Speereo (spirit), more than 15 years working in the field of speech recognition and synthesis, has launched a cloud service recognition based on its own technology.

The service is available in English and Russian languages.

At this step the company prompted the results of the comparative testing technology with the decisions of Google and Nuance, which showed a significant advantage of Russian technology in its niche. In addition, this pushed the company‘s partners, who are frustrated by cloud solutions from other vendors.

Technology Speereo, unlike counterparts, optimized for control applications. While the solution is optimized for Google search problem, and the solution Nuance — the tasks of dictation.

What this means in practice?

If you make each of the systems do not perform its inherent problem — the failure to obtain accuracy.

Speereo system is designed for conversations with people, programs, and systems. And the answers of people and their commanding phrases and most importantly, the response to them, have to get in a pre-compiled list. Vaoiantov response at each step may be greater than 10 000, but it should be a closed list. In addition, this list can be changed at least once a second. Common vocabulary of the system is unlimited and can be extended automatically, if necessary without the participation of the developer.

To select the content of the video directory on the site and more is needed. In this case, do not need dictation or search for all sites on the Internet. Like millions of other situations.

In this class of problems Speereo system produces 99% probability of correct recognition, and

Other systems — 80-85%.

Why cloud?

This approach avoids the overhead to support the "zoo" of operating systems, get rid of the artificial constraints of these operating systems, complicate the illegal copying solutions. And developers — cloud users to use the technology will make it easier and more familiar.

Cognitive access is provided free of charge. It is limited only by the number of simultaneous connections.

For commercial use, there are a number of tariff plans, but the low resource consumption technology allows you to keep a relatively low price.

Several companies have already started testing solutions for their needs.

We expect in the near future the emergence of websites and mobile applications with voice accurately and quickly.

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