Launched a comprehensive Arctic expedition Arctic Yamal-2013

Nakanue launched a comprehensive Arctic research expedition sea-based (KAEMB) "Yamal-Arctic 2013". This event was dedicated to the press conference at which journalists met the director of the Department of Science and Innovation Andrew Denysiuk, head of the expedition Vladimir Onoshko, Deputy Director of the Regional Innovation and Investment Fund "Yamal" Mikhail Bykov, as well as heads of research groups involved in KAEMB. 

Andrew Denysiuk told reporters that the project "Yamal-Arctic 2013" on the Yamal created a non-profit partnership "Interregional Expeditionary Center" Arctic. "The main objectives of the expeditionary center — the organization of inter-regional cooperation to expand the boundaries of research.

The commander Vladimir Onoshko told about the main differences of the expedition in 2013 from the previous one. According to him, there are several. "Yamal-Arctic 2012" was of more exploratory in nature. At present expedition geography research is extensive. Landings on the coast will be longer, which will gather more scientific data. Strengthened scientific group of geophysicists and biologists. In total, the "Yamal-Arctic 2013" research group will conduct research in areas: fluid mechanics, meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, biology, geomorphology, paleoclimate, geology, and some others.

According to Vladimir Onoshko, the results obtained during the expedition last year triggered widespread interest in international scientific circles. Participants KAEMB "Yamal-Arctic 2012" invited to international conferences and symposia, published in a number of well-known peer-reviewed journals. The commander assured that the results of the "Yamal-Arctic 2013" will be even more significant.

Recall that the organizers of the expedition are the Government of Yamal (Department of Science and Innovation), FSI "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute," Regional Innovation and Investment Fund "Yamal".

The strategic goal of the expedition: the scientific support of integrated development in the Arctic under the state policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic. The objectives of the planned research expedition is to obtain comprehensive information about the natural environment Yamal adjacent water areas and the Kara Sea. Objectives: To obtain information about climate change and sea level in the area over the past centuries and millennia, on the characteristics and the environmental condition of the soil, on the frozen ground and permafrost processes, and land-based ecosystems (state and dynamics of populations of birds and mammals), hydro characteristics of water bodies land, the characteristics of the geomagnetic field and the radiation environment; of hydrological, hydro-chemical and hydro-biological characteristics of marine waters, for meteorological and geophysical characteristics of the atmosphere, and more.

Participate in the expedition of scientists: FSI "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute," FSI "Northern Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring", the Institute of Geophysics. YP Bulashevicha of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State University (Biology and Soil Sciences), the Institute of Physical-Chemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science, Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, CCU Yamal "Research Center for the Arctic."

Members of the expedition set off the shuttle boat to the area of New Port section. There team will sink to the base of the research vessel "Professor Molchanov". Implementation of the program of research on offshore and onshore areas in the organization of land-based camps will be held before the end of September.

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