Launched a new biometric project for schools (video)


Ltd. "Sonda Technology" has launched a new biometric project "School window. Dining Room ". Start of the project took place on May 17, 2012 in high school number ’76 Yekaterinburg.

The aim of the project "School window. Dining Room "is the organization of payment for meals at the school cafeteria directly between parents and service providers, bypassing intermediaries. This is to avoid misuse of funds intended for the payment of child nutrition, and to avoid conflicts with their parents.

Proof of payment for the dinner will serve as a fingerprint student. This would ensure that the dinner will receive a specific child, and no one else on the lost or stolen card. By applying a finger to the biometric scanner, a student sends a request to the payment system to write off the cost of lunch. If your parents’ credit card will be enough money to pay, the system will allow the child to get dinner on credit.

Consumption of the means parents will be able to check on a special website, which automatically provides a full accounting of expenditures in the school cafeteria. Website provided with all the necessary mechanisms for encryption and protection of personal data, which guarantee the safety of bank cards at registration. Information on this site will be useful not only to parents and the school administration, but the dining room staff, who will be able to rationally organize the process of food to distribute their funds and resources.

According to the director of the school number 76 Igor Klimovskikh, "the most important benefit of the project is that it allows you to enter personal accounts of each child individually. In the end, every parent will be calculated directly from the service provider supply, which in the future will free the school from tender procedures and immediately improve the quality of food, the children return to the dining room, and the parents will be happy. " In addition, using the site, the city Department of Education will be able to quickly get the information you need to manage costs in the school cafeteria.


Reports of TV channel "Channel Five" — "One of Yekaterinburg school feeding and borrow books fingerprint":

About "Sonda Technologies’

The company "Sonda Technology" develops biometric systems since 1991. The high level of development was supported by numerous international competitions on and testing of biometric algorithms — SlapSeg, MINEX, FVC — where the company has consistently won prizes. The method of identification and hardware solutions company are protected by patents 55. Ltd. "Sonda Technology" is a portfolio company of venture fund "S-Group Ventures", created with the participation of "RVC".

The main products of the company are: an integrated information security system of schools, "School window", the security system of pre-school institutions, "SPRING", the system access control BioSKUD "Sonda" AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), biometric fingerprint scanners.

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