Launched a new electroplating shop on Kamyshlovsk electrical plant

July 27, 2011. The new shop electroplating Kamyshlovsky electrical plant will reach a new level of production of component parts of railway automation, remote control and communication in the Middle Urals.

"I am not the first time in the plant — said Alexander Misharin solemn meeting dedicated to opening the shop. — It is noticeable that it is changing for the better. Throughout the visible order, grooming. The rate of productivity increased twice, the company has gained good momentum. "

Kamyshlovsky Electrotechnical Plant, a subsidiary of JSC "Elteza" today — is a major manufacturer of relay equipment and outdoor equipment for the rail industry. The company‘s products provide 30 percent of the domestic market of alarm, centralization and blocking the railways of the country.

Launching a new automated plant, which was held today, one more step in ensuring safety and improving the reliability of rail services.

"We have opened a production line in anticipation of the day of the railway, which has been celebrated for more than sixty years. We often say that rail transport is essential for our great country. And this is indeed the case. And you are making products that are related to traffic safety, " — Said the head of the region and thanked the workers of the enterprise for an honest and much needed work.

The plant management explained that with the introduction of electroplating plant will sharply increase the level of productivity of the enterprise. If previously to output a finished item took three and a half hours, using an advanced power will now enough one hour. The shop is fully automated, the staff has already passed the necessary training.

It is also important that the new equipment for zinc and nickel in line with European environmental standards. The complex provides modern treatment facilities.

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