Launched a new line of rubber expansion joints Kompenz (Veliky Novgorod)

Engineering Company "Kompenz" — innovative company that represents a new highly efficient technology development and production of compensatory devices used in all piping systems for utility companies, oil and gas, chemical, gas and metallurgy industries, enterprises of the military-defense complex of Russia.


The company "Kompenz" installed the newest production line rubber expansion joints.
The equipment is capable of operating in both manual and semi-automatic. It has a modern touch control and robust head processor.

Starting the additional line will increase production (approximately 1.5-1.7 times), to create new jobs (up to 20), and reduce lead times for most running standard sizes. The result is a high quality rubber expansion joints, capable of operating at different parameters of the working environment. At the moment there is debugging and tuning equipment to work in 2-3 shifts.

Testing of rubber expansion joints on their own attested booth confirmed the predicted four-fold margin of safety rubber expansion joint. Since the company "Kompenz" the only manufacturer in the Russian rubber expansion joints, then the semi-automatic line first in the country, and even one of the few in Europe. Running this line will increase the company’s competitiveness compared with Chinese counterparts.

Launching the line is a continuation of the modernization and development of the group of companies Kompenz. In 2011 it was zapushchenno unique production fabric expansion joints "Kompenz Elastic"

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