Launched a new line on the galvanic of Electric Machine Plant LEPSE

In September, the Electric Machine Factory "LEPSE" (Kirov) earned a new automated electroplating galvanizing line.

The first part, which was launched into production, steel rails for windows. The result is positive — the quality of the coating confirmed central laboratory, anti-corrosion properties are confirmed by tests in salt spray. The first batch of products has already gone to AvtoVAZ.

The line is effective in the production of bulk products: automotive components, consumer goods, production of special purpose. Already, equipment actively loaded, work is being done in two shifts.

Compared with the previous generation equipment increased reliability, automated system management solutions adjustment, the line is equipped with rectifier units of the new generation. The control system is based on the automated line of new hardware components, use cascading wash, saving washing water, heating is electricity, not steam. The equipment used is modern, resistant to aggressive media material — polypropylene.
Increased sustainability of production: trivalent chromium is less toxic than the previously used hexavalent tsianistoetsinkovanie replaced alkaline.


At present JSC "LEPSE" along with major products (manufacture of aircraft electrical) issues:
 — power tools (angle grinders, rock elektromolotki,
 Knife and cutting scissors);
 — kitchen and household appliances (food processors, electric pumps, graters, shredders, etc.);
 — equipment electric motors for the rail industry (electric motors with control equipment to switch machines, pumps and heating systems, etc.);
 — automotive components (electric windows, electric motors for heating systems);
 — electric actuators for nuclear power plants;
 — equipment for the oil industry;
 — medical equipment.

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