Launched a new mine in Kemerovo Butovskaya

In the mine area of the regional center for many years successfully working the mine of the same name with a heroic history. She was commissioned in the difficult time of war, more than half a century, here the work of several generations of miners. In 1998, the mine ran out of coal reserves in the existing borders. And although the company had good prospects associated with the development of new reservoirs in 1998, "Butovskaya" was eliminated. And 15 years later, with her opened a modern enterprise with the same name.

In the construction and equipping of a new mine (located in the "Industrial Metallurgical Holding") invested 8 billion. The first stage of the enterprise built in seven years. Its equipped with ultra-modern equipment that automates the process of extraction of coal and reduce the physical labor to a minimum. Particular attention is paid to the safety of miners. Mine is equipped with a system of protection of domestic production, "Micon-3 ‘, which has no analogues in the world. Serious attention is paid to the environmental component of the mine.

The design capacity of the mine — 1.5 million tonnes a year of coking coal. Reserves amount to 45 million tons of mine, that’s enough for 30 years of continuous operation. The mine has already created 800 jobs, while the 2016 will create another 500. 
"Butovskaya" is named in honor of the eminent geologist, explorer of the Kuzbass coal, Ph.D. P.I.Butova (Pavel Ilyich), closest disciple of the famous professor of geology at the St. Petersburg Mining Institute L.I.Lutugina (Leonid), which in the early twentieth century, organized and led a multi-year expedition to explore the depths of the richest of the Kuzbass.
June 7 was put into operation the first mining face in the formation Artel’nyi. In order to reach full capacity by 2016 to prepare for the second lava formation Kumpanovsky, purchased for her high-excavating and clearing equipment.
In addition, the beginning of 2014 should complete the construction of the railway station "Butovskaya." The forces of the West-Siberian railway construction work should be completed by the station "so tired." This will remove all the coal produced at the mine by rail. Thus, for an 8-billion investment in the construction of the mine in 2013, added another 1 billion rubles.

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