Launched a new unit at Syzran TPP (Samara region).

In the Samara region completed a unique international energy project, implemented IES Holding and OAO "Volga TGC". On Syzran TPP commissioned a new unit "Volga agate" power of 229 MW.

Construction on Syzran TPP was the largest energy project in the last 30 years in the Samara region. In the project "Volga Agat" has invested over 11 billion, most of which — of sponsors, not the investment component of the tariff for heat.


The new unit will increase the plant capacity from 255 to 386 MW and provide heat and electricity is planning to build the second district in the south-western region of Samara.


The project brought together experts from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the United States and France. The main generating equipment was manufactured and supplied by General Electric, Siemens and AEG.

Introduced unit has set new standards for power plants of the Volga region. New PSU will work on the combined cycle, and if the efficiency of the existing thermal power station on most Russian equipment is about 30%, the efficiency of "Volga Agate" will reach 52%. High efficiency new unit will not only reduce fuel consumption, but also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxide in comparison with most of the equipment operating in the Russian energy sector.

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