Launched a unique new line for the production of roofing materials in Ryazan

May 24, 2013 in Ryazan at "Tehnofleks" a ceremonial launch of the new, unique to the Russian and European line of light bituminous materials. At the start button pressed himself Governor of Ryazan Region Oleg Kovalev.Novaya production line which capacity is 30 million square meters per year, will produce unique lightbituminous materials for roofingand waterproofing. Expansion of production will not only provide a 60 percent increase in productivity of the plant, but will also create up to 30 new jobs. The volume of investments in the launch of the new line was 150 million rubley.V ceremony was attended by the Governor of Ryazan Region Oleg Kovalyov, the Minister of the building complex of the Ryazan Oblast Vladimir Trushkin and Acting Minister of Industry and Information Technology of the Ryazan region, Oleg Loban. The governor personally pressed the start button, turning conveyor and by launching new production. In his speech, he said: "Plant" Tehnofleks "- a large and stable modern enterprise. Since 1999, it employs 118 people of our region, and is one of the largest taxpayers in the region, the sum of which are more than 600 million rubles a year. " Especially Kovalev said innovation factory, which, in his view, is evidenced by the fact that the "enterprise equipped with modern lines and 4 produces a huge amount of products, is served by such a small number of staff." Separate event was the awarding of the plant’s employees Kurdyumov, A . Grankina, D. Khudova, A. and O. Mirakova Shamova diplomas "For diligence" on behalf of the Governor of the Ryazan region. In his final speech Oleg Kovalev also congratulated all employees and guests, "I want to congratulate the staff of the plant with the launch of a new line, and wish to further expand the fruitful activity of the enterprise." Maxim Goryachev, commercial director of the direction "Roll materials", described the activities of the Corporation, the pace of development and strategic plans. To date, the company‘s turnover is about 60 billion rubles. per year, the growth rate in 2012 was 20%. The company plans — rapid development, expanding market share and entering new export destinations (today produce "TechnoNIKOL" comes in 35 countries).  Also planned to increase labor productivity by 2015 from 12 to 15 million rubles per person per god.Evgeny Avdeev, head of "materials for low-rise construction" Corporation "TechnoNIKOL" at the ceremony spoke in detail about the plant Tehnofleks and the materials that will be produced at new line. High-tech products are now more accessible to consumers. Innovations introduced by TekhnoNIKOL in Russia, will reduce the cost of production. Thus, materials ANDEREP TekhnoNIKOL for low-rise construction, which will be produced on the new line will be able to maintain its reliability, even in the hottest weather and at high slopes of the roof. The material is not "flows" and will retain its characteristics. It has a high resistance to tearing the nail rod, and its light weight and thickness of the lining materials ANDEREP TekhnoNIKOL easy to use, it can be installed even on its own. Moreover, standard roll weight and contains a large amount of material, which gives great advantages in transport and installation. "Ceremony participants estimated start a job as a new line, and the entire enterprise" Tehnofleks "overall. During the ceremony on the line to complete a full cycle of processing steps and the first pallet of finished products were shipped to the warehouse. The guests also visited the laboratory of the plant and took part in the testing made it materialov.Podvodya up the event, general manager of the plant "Tehnofleks" Alexander Zavyalov said: "Since its launch in July 1999, our company has become one of Europe’s most modern plants for the production of roofing and waterproofing materials. The production process includes all stages — from the processing of raw materials to packaging. Our quality management system has been certified and external audit for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000. Starting a new fourth line, which has no analogues not only in Russia but also in Europe — a new stage, which will benefit both the company and consumers, and the industry as a whole. In every industry should be the flagship that sets high standards of quality and serves as a benchmark for all. TechnoNICOL Corp. took another positive step in this direction. "TechnoNICOL Corp.

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