Launched eight cargo ship project RSD 44 Captain Urov

"Oka Shipyard" (Navashino city, Nizhny Novgorod region) October 14, 2011 launched the eight out of ten of dry cargo vessels with a deadweight RSD44 project in the river about 5540 tons of "Volga max" class "Captain Urov," the press-service of JSC "Volga Shipping Company."

Six ships of the series are already operating on inland waterways, and the seventh cargo ship "Captain Afanasiev" is currently undergoing mooring trials in the waters of Oka Shipyard. 

RSD 44 bulk carriers designed to carry bulk cargo, general cargo and containers. Gradually, they will replace the previous series of court "Volga-Don". New vessels outperform their predecessors in production efficiency, sustainability, efficiency and comfort.

Load capacity vessels of RSD 44 is 5.5 million tons, which is 10% higher than that of bulk carriers "Volga-Don". In this case, the overall height of new ships almost twice lower, only 8 m This allows them to pass under the bridges of St. Petersburg and Rostov without wiring, which reduces the time of delivery. The operation of vessels also provided on the Volga-Don Canal (VDSK), the Volga-Baltic Canal, in the Azov Sea to the port of Caucasus and in the Gulf.

The project of building a series of vessels RSD 44 is under a leasing scheme of government support of domestic shipbuilding: co-financing of state "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (85%) and the future owner of the ship — "Volga Shipping" (15%) on a state subsidy of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank.

Just a new series designed to replace the foundations of today’s river dry cargo fleet — "Volga-dons" and "Volga", is expected to build the first phase of the 10 vessels.

The first ship of the project RSD44 «Captain Ruzmankin" was laid February 24, 2010. She was launched on 23 November 2010. Commissioned 20 May 2011. The eighth ship of the "Captain Urov" laid December 28, 2010

"Oka Shipyard" (Navashino city, Nizhny Novgorod region) was founded in 1907. Modern of "Oka Shipyard" was created by way of privatization of the state enterprise "Navashino Shipyard" Oka ". Shipyard is a manufacturer and supplier of river and sea vessels of various types and purposes.

JSC "Shipping Company" Volga Shipping "- one of the largest shipping companies in Russia, founded in 1843. Carries out cargo and passenger transportation on rivers and lakes of the country. The company’s fleet — 250 cargo and passenger ships. At the end of season 2010 was transported 5.5 million tons of cargo and 383,000 passengers.

Shipping Company is the holding company VBTH, majority shareholder is an international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, consolidating a number of Russian shipping, stevedoring and shipping companies.

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