Launched frigate Admiral Gorshkov

In St. Petersburg, the ship was launched on the series 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov".


"Admiral Gorshkov" was laid in 2006 in St. Petersburg, in 2011, he will be part of the Baltic Fleet. Displacement frigate is 4.5 million tons, in addition, the vessel is equipped with artillery, anti-missile and anti-submarine weapons, anti-aircraft complex. On board can accommodate a helicopter KA-32.

Project 22350 frigate — a multi-purpose vehicle. Indicative crew — more than two hundred people. Such vessels are designed for combat operations in the near and far offshore areas.

In 2009, also in St. Petersburg began construction of another ship of the project — the frigate "Admiral Kasatonov", which will end in two years.

It is planned to build 20 ships of this series.
All frigates to be built until 2030, in the long term they will be part of the four Russian fleets.

Representatives of the Navy said that the frigate of this project will be a major class of surface warships Russian ocean-going in the XXI century, as has the versatile possibilities to perform tasks in a single voyage, and as part of groups.

Project 22350 is designed for combat operations in the near and far offshore, as well as in ocean areas. Displacement frigate — about 4,500 tons, maximum length — more than 130 meters, maximum width — 16 meters. Cruising range — more than 4,000 miles, navigability is not limited. On board the frigate provided permanent basing of the helicopter. Ship design developed in the Northern Design Bureau.

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