Launched seventh tanker built for the company VolgaFlotTanker

Nizhny Novgorod, August 20
The stocks of the shipyard "Red Sormovo" today launched the seventh tanker built for the Russian company "VolgaFlotTanker."


The ship was named "The Mechanic Sazonov," in honor of the Volga riverman, who died during the Great Patriotic War, and was the seventh of oil tankers, built this year by order of the company.


Six ships of the project, also received the names of the war dead Rivermen "Volga Shipping Company," has given us — the customer.

All of these vessels of more than 5.5 tonnes are classified as "river-sea", are able to transport diesel fuel, fuel oil, and crude oil and petroleum products are the largest Russian vessels for river navigation. As part of the production program in 2011, "Red Sormovo" must build for "VolgaFlotTanker" 8 vessels.

To build ships in the rhythm of conveyor plant for several years led the modernization of the production system, acquiring modern automated equipment that improves the quality of treatment and cutting of metal that reduces the construction of the vessel. In 2011, the company plans to invest more than 100 million rubles for the purchase and implementation of a hydraulic press for bending complex shapes and robotic production line parts of the profile, and other equipment. According to the general director of "Red Sormovo" Nikolai Zharkov, such a policy has allowed businesses to spend on the construction of each vessel is only 35 to 40 days.

Launched tanker fully satisfy all the requirements of the international conventions for the prevention of environmental pollution. Built on the experience of operation already built ships, the tanker "Sazonov The Mechanic" is one of the most modern river tankers.

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