Launched the first block floating dock project 28140

Ship repair — Shipbuilding Corporation, Gorodets city, Nizhny Novgorod region, 30 November 2012 launched the first block of metal floating repair dock of the new generation (Project 28140) carrying capacity of 8,000 tons. Construction of the floating dock, the tab is held December 28, 2011, is for the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping Company. According to the press service of the FCS.

  • Launching of the first block of the floating dock, the city Gorodets, November 30, 2012

In the ceremony, along with the city, the public and the media, attended by the head of department of Public Relations and Information Shipping Vugar Sadigov, the head of the technical department Siyaset Aliyev, an instructor in electrical Gennady Drobotov.

As noted at the ceremony Sadygov, over the past nine years, the fleet tanker shipping company added ten, six ferries and one dry cargo vessel.

Block dock was launched to the sound of the national anthems of Azerbaijan and Russia.

Note that dock will consist of six blocks. Once the blocks are transported to Baku, the new shipyard Shipping will be made of their assembly. As a result, the shipping company will become the owner of the largest floating dock in the Caspian Sea.

Recall that the floating dock repair samodokuemy designed for dry-docking of vessels for the production of all types of repair of the underwater part.

A distinctive feature of the dock, in addition to inspection and repair of other vessels, is the ability to repair their own pontoons. This happens as follows: after the examination and identification of the need to repair one of the pontoons fires back, then put it in the dock — is repaired and renovated set back. For any such docking client — is primarily saving funds in its operation.

  • Floating Dock Project 28140, sketch

Key Features: Capacity of the new dock is eight thousand tons. LWL 158 meters long and 36.85 meters, depth up to the top deck of 13.35 meters. Pontoon length 25.5 meters, height of 3.60 meters pontoon, the maximum depth 10.3 meters.

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