Launched the first phase of large broiler plant in Bryansk cluster group Cherkizovo

In the village May Day Pochepsky Bryansk region launched the first phase area for growing broilers "May Day", built in a project to increase the capacity of the Group’s poultry segment "Cherkizovo".

The first phase of broiler plant consists of 28 bird houses, designed for one-time content to 1 million broilers. Investment in the construction of the entire site is approximately 880 million.  

As part of the project to increase capacity in the Bryansk cluster already been put into operation 11 additional bird houses at existing sites, two queues poultry site "Grove" by 52 poultry house, as well as the first phase of the hatchery of 43 million eggs per year. At present there is a second stage of the hatchery to increase the capacity of the facility to 66 million eggs per year. 

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