Launched the fourth Rook for Russian Navy

In April 2013, on "Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky "the launching of the fourth in a series of anti-sabotage boat project 21980" Rook "(serial number 984)

  • The head of the project launch
  • The head of the project launch

Boat project 21980 "Rook" designed to combat the subversive and terrorist forces and resources in the waters of team sites and near the approaches to them, and also to assist the Border Service of the Russian Federation in solving the problems of protection and the protection of the state border of Russia. The project is designed boats Nizhny Novgorod "Vympel".


Displacement: about 140 tons

Main dimensions: length — 30 m, width — 7,3 m, draft — 1.8 m

Maximum speed: 23 knots

Range: 200 miles.

Run time: 5 days.

Crew: 6 people.


one 14.5-mm machine gun system MTPU

One anti-seal DP-64 grenade launcher

One anti-seal DP-65 grenade launcher

Four types of MANPADS "Igla"

Radio-electronic equipment: navigation radar MR-231 SAS "Squid" OGAS "Anapa" station visual optical interference


Number 981 — is part of the Baltic Fleet (pictured above)

Number 982 — is part of the Black Sea Fleet.

Number 983 — is part of the Black Sea Fleet

Number 984 — in the building (founded May 5, 2012, launched on? April 2013)

Number 985 — in the building (founded July 27, 2012)

Just boats of this project builds Shipyard "East Wharf" (Vladivostok).

Number 8002 — in the building (founded? April 2012)

Number 8003 — in construction

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