Launching a new line of TACs OptiBlock RBK and OptiVert ARS

Kursk Electric Apparatus Factory announces the launch of the fuse switch disconnectors OptiBlock RBK and OptiVert ARS brand KEAZ Optima. Electrical equipment will expand the range of products designed to solve the problems of protection of low voltage equipment on the basis of safety systems.

OptiBlock RBK and OptiVert ARS — Low-voltage circuit breakers, which are completely replaced by the construction of a conventional circuit breaker, cable and fuse holders. In conjunction with the fusible link devices are designed for on-off load, short-circuit protection and overload electrical circuits with voltage up to 690V, frequency 50 (60) Hz at currents up to 1250A. A new series of circuit breakers from KEAZ has a wide scope in the industrial and manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings and infrastructure projects.

Application area TACs OptiBlock RBK:

• low voltage cabinets including transformer substations;

• industrial switchgear;

• Cabinets power;

• control cabinets;

• brownies shields of protection;

• installation of reactive power compensation;

• DC protection.

Field of application bladed PVR OptiVert ARS:

• aids in the protection of low voltage switchboards transformer substations with the distance between busbar 185mm or 100mm;

• protection devices or feeding off of cable lines;

• load switches or master switches.

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