LAZ has successfully completed an order for Macedonia


Holding LAZ has successfully completed the order for production of eighty buses for the Republic of Macedonia. August 18, 2011 LAZ sent to the country last game machine type A 183.
Products LAZ was acquired by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the tender agreement, signed in 2010, for the purpose of transport service of the capital — the city of Skopje. All the buses were manufactured manhole at the appropriate time and successfully serve passengers Macedonian capital.

Buses in Lviv production, which run in Skopje, no inferior products manufactured in Europe. They are certified for compliance with the Euro — 4 include climate control cabin and the driver, the engine of DEUTZ, chassis «ZF» (automatic transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering gear), digital tachometer, special equipment — adjustable ramp for wheelchairs and prams and other novelties.

One bus LAZ hold up to a hundred passengers — 69 seats and 31 standing for the seat. They installed ticketing passengers and mounted surveillance camera.

The representatives of the Balkan countries were satisfied with the cooperation with the "Lviv Bus Plant". They noted the high level of product quality and LAZ, and thanked the head of the supervisory board of the holding LAZ Igor Churkin for the successful execution of the order. The parties are also hoping that the next step in the collaboration of Macedonia and LAZ will work on the production and supply of trolley buses.

Recall that in 2010, the company LAZ won the tender for the supply to the Republic of Macedonia, 80 city buses with low-floor landing, length 12 meters. In the first stage of the tender participated 24 companies — manufacturers of buses. Among them — the world-famous brands and Chinese producers.

In the second stage, after considering the best price, quality and integration of buses, software service engineering, production experience has been declared the winner of the company LAZ.

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