LAZ put Kremenchug 13 new trolleybuses

Trolleybus fleet management Kremenchug added 13 new trolleybuses LAZ LAZ model E183A1, acquired through the sale of municipal bonds. New trolley buses began working on urban routes from May 31, the press service of the Kremenchug city council.

Trolley buses are equipped with two slow-moving and computers to control the operation of components and assemblies, and digital display. They have ramps for the disabled. Information about the next stop is displayed on the display and announced by the driver.

The manufacturer LAZ noted that all the electrical transport in terms of warranty service will be under the supervision of professional service businesses. On the basis of KP Kremenchuzke trolleybus department opens manufacturer’s service center.

Recall, that such a claim put forward mayor Oleg Babaev, when it became clear that the state of the new technology is not fully correspond to the tender documents. Today, all significant deficiencies that have been identified in the trolley, removed, — assured the representatives of the manufacturer. Due to nedokomplekt, which came new trolley buses, the city received a discount of 2 mln.

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