Leaders play in Rostov

The first meeting of the two main contenders for access to the Premier League — "growth" and "Kuban" — ended in a goalless draw. Losers last season eager to return to the elite of Russian football, and if today’s victory of FC "Rostov" virtually remove the question of the fate of the small gold medals. Has no right to give in without a fight, "Kuban", because if today is a victory in his match will win the "Ural" in Yekaterinburg, which is still going to third, behind the team of Alexander Pobegalova from Krasnodar again reduced to three points. [B] "growth" — "Kuban" [/ b] The main match of the thirty-sixth round of TV show "Sport". Broadcast from Rostov-on-Don will start at 19:55 local time. For the game with tournament leader "Kuban" fit in an optimal state. As part of Krasnodar on the field will Tihonovetsky forward Alexander, who served chetyrehmatchevuyu disqualification. — For the "growth" play with "Kuban" will be the most important in the second round — admitted after the game with the "Chernomorets" captain of the hosts Michael aspen. — Novorossiytsy are direct competitors of our club in the struggle for access to the Premier League, and we have to play to win. — And for us, "growth" will be a great stimulus — said Krasnodar goalkeeper Alex Stepanov. — I am sure that the fans will not be left disappointed. Matches leaders entrusted to serve the experienced Russian referee Alexander Evstigneeva. [Cut] [b] "Siberia" — "Anji" [/ b] In the first round match with Siberians and Dagestan goal conceded from Novosibirsk saved Dmitry Borodin, in the pause between the first and second round of setting off just in Makhachkala. In the last rounds Borodin scored a perfect shape, and in a match against a team of Sergey Oborina he intends to win back to zero. According to the "Boxing" in the off-season guide Novosibirsk "Siberia" is planning to break contracts directly with ten players present structure. Apparently, Sergey Oborin will be given carte blanche to form a new team. [B] "Torpedo" — Kamaz [/ b] chelnintsy, skipping the previous round because of employment in the Cup of Russia in Kaliningrad "Baltic", arrived in Moscow for a game with the team Vyacheslav Daevas for victory. In order to beat the "Torpedo", trust Yuri Gazaeva is to decide on how close the impact of Muscovites striker Denis Popov, scored a hat-trick in the previous round in a fight with the Ulyanovsk "Volga". "Ural" — "Sportakademklub" Team Alexander Pobegalova, lost in the last rounds of a lot of points, must beat the visitors from the "Sportakademkluba" to continue the fight for a ticket to the Premier League. The only serious loss for the hosts will be disqualified midfielder Miroshnichenko, remote from the field in a match with "Anji". Recall that the first-round match involving these teams ended with the victory of Muscovites 3-2. [B] "SKA-Energia" — "Star" [/ b] Match in Khabarovsk, Irkutsk with "Stars" will take place. Visitor’s Guide and has not found money for the trip command to Khabarovsk. Late on Friday, the office of FC "Energiya" received a fax signed by the athletic director, "Stars" by Alexander Kovalev, in which, inter alia, states: "FC" Star "reported that arrive at the Russian championship match calendar with your team does not may be due to the situation prevailing in our club. We appealed to the president of the PFL Nikolai Tolstoy to consider the possibility of transferring the game on the reserve day. If in the near future the situation on the "Star" will be resolved positively, then we will come to the match in Khabarovsk. " [B] "Metallurg-Kuzbass" — "Mashuk-KMV" [/ b] The hosts found themselves on the brink, today will play in the optimal composition. According to the "Boxing" will appear in the "Steelworkers" goalkeeper Bogdan Karyukin and top scorer midfielder Yevgeny Yatchenko. — We were given the opportunity to relax in front of Eugene difficult home game with the "Mashukov", — said Sergey Lomakin, coach novokuznechan. — I Yatchenko had some health problems, and we do not have it "dolamyvali." But the striker Andrei Nikolayev be able to play at the best only in the next rounds. He has problems with the ligaments of the knee. [B] "Knight" — "Salyut-Energia" [/ b] "Hero", on the eve of a good work out in game 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia in Moscow "Locomotive" in the event of victory over Belgorod practically solve the question of the preservation of residence in the first division. — We do not do any calculations — said about Sergei Gorlukovich, coach owners. — We leave on the field and play to win. And we do not matter against whom to play. Need to take the points with all the players. [B] "rectification" — SKA [/ b] Last year’s visit to Rostovites Novotroick ended with a crushing defeat of a score of 0:6. Today, however, the SKA Gennady Stepushkin little resemblance to last year’s army club. After anticipatory repudiation of the contract with the Rostov Vartan Mazalova burden of leadership in attack SKA hoisted on their shoulders Amir Bazhev, forward, hire Donetsk team at the Moscow "Spartak". As part of the guests will not be able to play quarterback Kenkishvili. We host a loss in the face of the attacker Kuznetsova, with whom the contract was terminated in mid-September.

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