Leading integrators choose radar Orwell-R

Radar station (Radar system) Orwell-R has been praised leading integrator of electronic security market of "Escort-Center" (North Caucasian branch) on the results of operation of the four Automatic radar-optical detection and tracking systems in the commercial port of Makhachkala.

North Caucasian branch of the company "Escort-Center" carried out the design, supply, installation and put into operation four unmanned radar-optical system for detection and tracking based on Radar Orwell-R (Producer of "ELVIS-NEOTEK") in July 2011

Radar Orwell-R are set to clock all-weather port security, detection of targets on the approaches to the subject.



At present, radar-optical systems in the commercial port of Makhachkala solve the following problems:

  • target detection class "person", "watercraft" (including small size) at a distance of 1.5 km;
  • automatic guidance and thermal imaging cameras to detected targets for target designation from the radar;
  • Work 4 sets of radar Orwell-R, in the system cameras, thermal imaging and other devices installed in the facility, in a single system of management;
  • display of information from a network of thermal imagers and cameras in a single situation center;
  • display information about the target environment on the map object.

During operation Automatic radar-optical systems Renew the performance and reliability.

Thus, the automatic radar-optical detection and tracking systems allow the clock in all weather conditions and to monitor the waters adjacent to the port area to prevent abnormal situations.


Specifications and structure of the radar Orwell-R:


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Options for using automatic optical radar system for detection and tracking based on radar Orwell-R


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