Leading IT-specialists met in tents on the banks of the Volga

In Ulyanovsk region hosted the third international conference in the field of information technology. She collected about thousands of leading IT-industry professionals from around the world. In an informal setting — in a tent camp on the banks of the Volga — the heads of large companies have discussed various topics ranging from software engineering to the organization and the successful management of computer companies. 

Tents, Volga and pine forest for these people — exotic, ultra-modern offices and computer plasma screens in the wall — working weekdays. It is they who have come up with online shopping, computer games and social networks. For users, they remain anonymous. Colleagues know — that, for example, Ulyanovsk company that has created more than a hundred platforms for online stores around the world, and in their play "Ghosts" have been playing for three and a half million people in Russia.

"In the fall we run this game on the American market. Available and it will be European players. But it will fall. Now there is an English translation and preparation for launch on the platform of Facebook", — said the head of IT-company Alexander Sherbina.

By the creators of the translation is not needed. The meeting was attended by about 1,000 Russian specialists and two dozen foreign guests. The working language of the master classes — English. The reality is that 80 percent of Russian orders "pros" are produced abroad. Ulyanovsk firm has offices in Kazan, London and San Diego, California.

"The world has already become a big country. — A government that is not yet responded. As it happens, that we live in Ulyanovsk, it’s a great place, great people here, and here are building a global company. And in San Diego — great professionals the field of business expertise. Nobody better than the Americans do not, why not work with them, "- says the director of IT-company Ecwid Ruslan Fazlyev.

Leo Valkin changed Ulyanovsk registration. Now he is a resident of San Francisco. This is his software is installed in all the "iPhone" and "iPads". One of the last works — the Internet platform for communication with the Washington Post. Against the background of the revelations of Edward Snowden this project — under special attention. The main issue: the social network — a means of communication or a tool of total surveillance?

"To us periodically contacts the police and the FBI to find out where he had written a comment, or what kind of information we have about a particular user. We watch what is documented reason for such a request, and if the base is, law, we are required to disclose such information, what we do, "- says the founder and Technical Director of Echo Leo Valkin.

To three days of the theory of computer geniuses are not weaned from the practice, especially in this wilderness stretched fiber-optic cable. And now, this place can qualify for entry in the record books as the forest with the highest rate of Wireless Internet in Russia.

Job Title Specialist for Information Technology is fast becoming the media. Only in Ulyanovsk in this area has 130 companies. And more and more creators of virtual space are going to such meetings, where all real: the Volga, and the pine, and tents.

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