Learning PR

PR for the winter.

Today I read everything in the LJ and came to the conclusion that znayuchi can do PR on the fight against all with anything. The main thing to possess knowledge about the laws of nature and social processes. Here for example is possible to deal with winter.

December 1 write post in Livejournal that you as a child froze hand-foot-and-nose-ears-eggs and since then your life is torn down, both physically and psychologically. In this regard, you are no longer going to tolerate the winter and will fight it. As proof of the correctness of your business links lead to sites honey, which says that frostbite occur more often in winter. Find the shocking statistics of the winter travmatizma.Tak as useful will link to trauma Learn claiming slips and injured people in the vast majority in the winter.

Starting from the second visit to the community in December though some sideways associated with winter and fasting tirelessly obvieniya there, that everyone who is there perverts, morons and rednecks, just find some pluses in the winter time. You can even write in the women’s and culinary community that fur coats, wool pants and winter menu you offend and hurt the morale and demand satisfaktsii.Ne forget to give links to journals of those who have ever slips or frostbite yourself certain things.

In parallel, you need to create three pieces community type anti_moroz_ru, zima-ubiytsa, holodu_net and advertise them in the process antizimnih holivarov. For fun person to 10 in these communities eventually get recorded.

So quietly take place in December.

Since religion without works is dead, we need some action. Such as flash mobs and protests in the January frost in the forest. You can attract the press, to take cameras and 3:00 there yelling "NO WINTER." then write about the campaign in his LJ with the conclusion that the struggle is hard, drifts bribed system is rotten frozen, but the important thing is not to give up.

Next, apply an open letter to the head of the meteorological service, the president of the UN and the Strasbourg court that the existence of winter violating the civil rights of the inhabitants of the middle band.

In February, it will be possible to show results in the fight — thawed in the sun, dripping icicles rising thermometer. You can write that under the pressure of world public opinion and publicity winter retreats. And in March, you can already celebrate. In May, post pictures with blooming lilacs and admire their heroic act, that is not afraid to challenge the winter. You can bring positive statistics — less frostbite, fewer injuries associated with ice, and death. It is easy to calculate how many lives have been saved thanks to the fact that the winter was defeated. If for example perished in January, 100 people, in May, the number of deaths from the same causes will tend to zero. Consider that every month you are saving a warm 100 people from the death of winter. This can be a book, and even have time to publish it until August.

In August start to post information as rumors that there are some signs that winter is coming back. By October disclose information from confidential sources that winter bribed the right people and the "all is lost." Cold compress ring. As proof, you can use the card, and statistics Hydrometeorological colder regions. Write that unknown covered with ice puddles and trees with frost at night and hide in the morning without a trace. This is no doubt an allusion to close the violence against opponents of winter. Continue to draw public attention to the pernicious influence of winter — the shortening of daylight hours, yellowing and falling of leaves, wilting flowers. You can write a couple of posts with a request to raise the top, which will be shown fading lilac bush, which was photographed by you in full bloom in May, with the caption, "winter kill." Will be useful as well demotivators featuring open fractures with displacement with skiers and skaters with captions "Leprosy Mother winter."

In November duscherazdirayuschuyu write a story about going home and suddenly began to snow. You thought it was the end of winter and you will avenge, but were able to escape to the nearest entrance. To be more convincing photograph and put it in the post photos with snowflakes on the sleeve of your jacket. Tell that game now is a life-and-death.

Throw away from home refrigerator as a spy in the enemy’s favor. Discard the ice cream and brawn. Beer and vodka drink only warmed up. Create a community based on the new bezholodovom lifestyle. declare all lovers of swimming in the ice-hole personal enemies.

and then continue in the same spirit. The only exception for success — keep your head still in the cold, so most do not believe in this nonsense that you are to others. Otherwise, a PR can end in a psychiatric hospital emergency room.

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