«Leaves» — a unique machine clearance was tested at the site under Chyrvonaarmeiski

Unique remote machine clearance (WIT) «Leaves» has passed tests at the site under Chyrvonaarmeiski Metropolitan area. Development of new defense radar found mine, and then using microwave radiation neutralizes them, told RIA Novosti.
WIT «Foliage» refers to a technique that is currently generally called «working on new physical principles» — On an armored car unit installed microwave radiation (microwave). Previously, this technology is not used for the elimination of explosive devices from a distance.
«During the test, you can follow that no ammo did not work, it says on the effects of microwave installation — electrical impulse burned fuses,» — said the chief engineer of the engineering service RVSN Henry Gaiduchevici.

Mines and bombs electronics «Foliage» sees at a distance up to 100 meters in the sector of 30 degrees. Car made to order in the coming SRF and are going to use to accompany columns mobile missile complexes «yars».
It is planned that after completion of the test and the start of series production of the first car remote demining in 2014 will receive Rocketeers Tejkovsky division.

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