Lebedev has successfully defended the belt WBA interim world champion in boxing

April 4th was held in Moscow tournament pro-boxing, in which a Russian main battle cruiser Denis Lebedev successfully defended the belt interim world champion WBA, knocking Barbadians Sean Cox.



Beating the evening, as expected, did not last long. Sean Cox was one of those puncher, which they say: either drop the opponent will either fall by himself. In the 1st round of Barbadians even managed to slightly shake his Lebedev corona left cross. But Denis quickly joined up manner Cox. And, having considered the actions of the opponent, the Russian straight to the point, took the hill and poddavlivat it as jabs and power punches. And feel the power punching barbadosets Russians seemed suddenly went limp and wilted. In the 2nd round, Lebedev continued pressure and bombing, and Cox did not last long. He was shocked once, then a second, and then not even spent a counterattack. A final point in a single battle staged a counterattack by Denis — a hard left cross. Cox threw sluggish right jab and immediately received a plop into the opened a security hole. Collapse on canvas it is very beautiful — with a pause, as if in slow motion. The referee scored that Sean had not broken, or not being able to, or do not want to get up to continue the fight.

  • Denis Lebedev knocked out in the second round of Sean Cox


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