Lebedyanskaya farmers have grown a half thousand tons of soybeans

Lipetsk region, LEBEDYANSKY AREA. For the first time in the practice of agricultural collective farms area "Breaking Dawn" has grown up and put it in his own coffers 1,500 tons of new, highly profitable crops — soybeans. At a cost of producing one thousand kilograms of oil seeds in the purchase price of 3,600 rubles per tonne up to 15-16 thousand rubles.

Products made from soy, are in demand in the world market. Raw material demand food, confectionery industry, including the use for the manufacture of vegetable oil. Soy also get a meal and a variety of dietary supplements to be included in livestock rations.

Local farmers associated with the cultivation of this promising culture high hopes. The next year will increase soybean crops on the farm from 750 to 2,500 acres, with each of which will be collected at least 20 kilograms.

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