LED incandescent counterparts from OptoGaN Exposure


In May, the company "OptoGaN" is launching a new line of LED lamp socket E-27, which are meant to replace 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs.

New items have a low power consumption, and one of the most attractive prices in the Russian market.

Two new LED "OptoGaN" 6 W 9 and W are full analogues 40 W and 60 W incandescent lamps and thanks to a color temperature of 2700 K, as close to the glow of incandescent bulbs, offer the usual human eye warm white glow. LED novelty "OptoGaN" eco-friendly and absolutely safe for health — there are no harmful substances (such as mercury, as in the energy-saving fluorescent lamps), which makes them suitable for use in all residential and business premises. 

Improvement of manufacturing processes, and continuous research and development of "OptoGaN" have reduced the price of a new line of LED bulbs for more than 30% compared to previously submitted models. Thus, the suggested retail price of LED lamps "OptoGaN" consumes 6 watts (equivalent 40W incandescent) is 495 rubles. The second LED lamp of a new line of power 9W (equivalent 60W incandescent), which provides higher light output, is recommended for sale at a price of 539 rubles. The bulbs have a standard E27 base, resistant to voltage drop and long service life — 15 years.

With the release of new models and expanded retail network — since May of this year, all LED lamps "OptoGaN," including a new line of lamps 6 W and 9 W, can be found on the shelves of stores "Brownie", one of the largest supermarket chains in St. Petersburg, offering products for the home.

"New line of LED lamps, accompanied by a significant decrease in prices was a major achievement for us, that we were going steadily since the first LED lamp in the autumn of 2011. Since then, we have been able to improve some of the technology and production processes, thus making our products more accessible to consumers,— Notes Mary Zhuravlev, segment manager of retail sales of JSC "OptoGaN." — Due to the fact that "OptoGaN" has a complete production cycle, we can control the quality of our products at all stages of its manufacture. Guarantee the quality of our products at a competitive price has enabled us to begin selling LED lamps "OptoGaN" in stores "Brownie", located in different districts of St. Petersburg. "

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